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The Real Value of Life Insurance
Do you have young children?

Who will provide for their financial
care in the event of your death?

Will they go to college if you are
not there for them?
Can your family afford to
stay in your home in the
event of your death?

Who will provide for everyday
needs like mortgage, food,
transportation or medical bills?
Why burden your loved
ones with your funeral costs?

Did you know in 2006 the average cost of a
funeral was $7500?   This cost does not
include the cemetery plot, monument, flowers,
or other expenses which could push the cost
well over $10,000.

You can reduce the worry your family will
experience by putting money in place so that
it's available to them when they need it.
Term life, Whole life, Universal life, Guaranteed Issue life, Senior Final Expense
Knowing that the financial security of your dependents or loved ones has been
taken care of is priceless.
Ask yourself.....
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